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“Spare, charming black and white illustrations decorate the pages… An intriguing, imaginative tale emerges, with plenty of fun, eccentric reality, and pluck. Charlie is an inspiring underdog hero. It is easy to imagine that this story has comforted children who have experienced the cruelty of bullying. Chapter pages turn swiftly and Charlie works himself out of many curious conundrums and obstacles before he realizes his dream and discovers he can fly. What an exciting realization! Children will love “Charlie Sparrow and the Secret of Flight,” opening to its not too secret message of widening one’s horizons and remaining open to new developments.” – Midwest Book Review: Children’s Bookwatch, Volume 23, No.5, May 2013 (Fiction Shelf).

“[T]he pace never falters…fun, original and quirky characters…An intriguing children’s story about a tiny bird earning his wings.” — Kirkus Reviews

“[A] book that inspires to thoughtfulness…entertaining and compassionate…fun illustrations…not only interesting to children but also…FUN for the adult reader…It is a treasure.”  – Ulrika Nilsson for Readers’ Favorite

“[A] clever, fun story…Anderson has created an ingenious little community…[the] characters are a delight…The Geese Police are especially funny…promises an enjoyable read.” — Foreword Clarion Reviews

“[T]he resulting story is beautiful.  I couldn’t help but smile in several parts of the book, as I became immersed in the ingenious tale of how little Charlie discovers the secret of his wings…While a self-published work (Anderson released Charlie Sparrow under his own publishing house Underdog Books) the tale is comparable to books released by established publishers… I am glad that I came across this book and would recommend parents and children alike to pick it up.” – Apartment 613 (Ottawa Arts & Culture News Site)

“[C]ompletely different from every other book…a breath of fresh air. I adored this book…I love that the characters were real. Kids could relate to the emotions felt by Charlie and the other bird children in the book. They also get to learn throughout the story that adults can be afraid and make mistakes, which is something I believe is important…I cannot recommend this book enough.” — Unorthodox Mama (Kid-Lit Book Blogger)

“My daughter loved this book. She’s been getting bullied a lot at school and she now plays ‘Charlie’ pretending she can fly around the house. I think the book has really lifted her spirits.” – kidsread ( user)

“Anderson has created a delightful world that you and your children will want to visit again and again…a fabulous book that I have read several times since it has entered my home… one of the most imaginative stories I have read in a long time” – Ramona, Create with Joy (Book Blog)

“My daughter loved this book…She loved the plot of the story itself and as a parent I loved the overall message that the book shared with readers…I also have to comment on the fun drawing throughout the book as my daughter kept commenting and saying how cool they were. If you are looking for a humorous story with a message that will spark some family conversations, this will definitely do the trick.” – Dr. Christopher Lewis (aka Dad of Divas, Book Blogger)

“A definite must read for children 6-9 and even for adults…Loved this book.” Fran Lewis (Radio talk show host on Red River Radio/Blog Talk Radio, Book Blogger, Teacher)

“[A] truly unique plot…A total must read for children ages 6 and up, and also for adults.” – Susan Peck (Green Frog Reviews)

“Enjoyed this book. Has a wonderful moral for young kids. Good bedtime story. An easy read and the youngsters loved it.” – Michael James ( user)

“[The] pencil drawings are precious, and perfectly illustrate the action…This book shows extreme creativity…[it] would be perfect for kindergarteners through third graders to read alone.” – Anita Buice (Book Blogger, Anitabook)

“The author has a great imagination and a fun sense of humor…I recommend this book.” – Patricia Blackmon (Kidlit book blogger, It’s About Time Mawmaw)

“When I read it to [my great grandson] he was captivated.” – Wanda H. Bullard ( user)

“My son is 7 and he loved this book. I enjoyed reading it to him before bed – nice short chapters so regardless of what was going on we could always make time for Charlie even if it was only 1 chapter. We look forward to reading more from this author.” – Lindy ( user)

“I really enjoyed this book. I can’t wait to read it to my grandchildren. They are 7 and 3 and I think they will both enjoy it. The chapters want you to keep reading and I think they would be excited to hear the next chapter the next night.” – Becky Faulkner ( user)

“We read this book to our son who is 7 years old, not only did he enjoy the story but so did we. Great story & we liked the artwork as well.” – Alex M ( user)

“Charlie was a very good main character. He was brave and believed in himself. I really like the message the book gave.” – Erik, This Kid Reviews Books

“Wow, what a truly interesting and unique book. Anderson has created a book that any child will love….The Bunnies and I give this book 5 carrots.” – Suzie Welker, The Bunny’s Review

Charlie Sparrow and the Secret of Flight “contains a great message about individuality and about fighting entrenched (wrong) thinking… a valuable lesson for kids to learn these days in a time when governments and the media try really hard to manipulate spin to prevent radical ideas…. And all kids love an animal story!” – Allister Thompson, Al-Ter Editorial Services

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